Operation Heart



My name is Flo. I do outreach with people who are house-less in the United States. I am focused primarily on the Southeast currently. I go to food shares and collect food to give out. I also gather clothes, drinks, harm reduction supplies (naloxone and harm reduction kits,) and condoms/ safer sex kits to give out. I do not have funding but seek out items to share directly with the public. I use my funds when necessary. I am able to collect food especially relatively easily, especially in the Atlanta area. I do have a paypal address at msfrisk@yahoo.com. I love helping people and encounter people from every walk of life. You can read an interview about my work at http://becominghero.ninja/flo-mims-operation-heart-helps-those-in-need-in-the-streets-superheroalert-you-can-help-too-covidrelief/ 


This is "Jack." I brought him some chips and fruit drinks. I always ask where I can find people again. 

IrThis is one of the people I visit. He did not want his face to be pictured. I will call him "Rick" on this site. I brought him some Powerades and a lot of snacks. aThis graph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


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